Quality Assurance Policy


Providing Solutions to Optimize Processes

J&L Precision Castings will provide our customers with solutions to optimize their processes. In order to fulfill this commitment; all functions, led by Senior Management will collectively perform at a high level of excellence. The quality of our products and services affects our competitive position, growth and profitability. We recognize that customer needs are dynamic in nature and requires continual improvement of our systems, products and services to meet or exceed those changing needs.

To meet our commitments for Quality, it is the policy of J&L Precision Castings to:

  • Develop innovative quality management systems in order to meet our quality objectives efficiently and effectively. Management Review of these systems will assure progress towards improved customer satisfaction.
  • Continually improve our processes using scientific methods rather than accept some level of nonconformance as inevitable.
  • Promote partnerships -- open and cooperative long term relationships. Treat customers and suppliers with honesty, dignity, fairness, and respect.
  • Create an atmosphere for open communication and trust which promotes an attitude of pride and ownership in all employees.
  • Provide relevant and effective training for employees, customers, and suppliers.

Everyone at J&L Precision Castings contributes to our customer's perception. We recognize the importance people play in the system and Senior Management will lead the way in continual improvement of our processes, products, and services to assure we consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.