Reverse Engineered Cast Conveyor Parts Solve Excessively Long OEM Delivery Times

A major Canadian paper mill was in a serious production bind: delivery times for cast replacement side and slat parts for their boiler firing conveyor, were so long that they would have a serious impact on the plant’s production capability.

jl castings, reverse engineered cast conveyor parts

The conveyor slats and sides were modular elements of the conveyor’s carrying surface and sides. Each surface component is a cast piece that is mounted to a shaft at one end, and floats freely at the other end; resting on a following casting when in support mode, but hanging freely as it goes over a conveyor end or bottom.

jl castings, reverse engineered cast conveyor parts


With years of experience in reverse engineering projects, J&L Castings’ staff quickly supplied the five different patterns and tooling required for volume production.

The material selected for the application was EX42, a high temperature resistant alloy. The order quantity for each custom cast part ranged from 10-429 pieces ranged in weight from 23 to 91 lbs.

From the date of the original order to the date of delivery the entire project took less than 8 weeks. The PO was received on May 5th and J&L built new patterns and shipped complete by June 24th.                                                           

jl castings, reverse engineered cast conveyor parts                                                                                                      

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