precision sand casting

Precision Sand Casting with J&L Takes the Mold

At J&L Precision Casting, we are committed to providing high-quality components to our customers, every time – applying continual improvement practices to all areas of our organization. J&L’s no-bake precision sand casting process is capable of achieving a high-quality surface finish and dimensional stability. Our Georg Fischer automated molding lines, combined with an auto pour line and adaptive pouring deck, gives us unique flexibility to meet your low- to high-volume requirements.

  • Precision Sand Castings from 1 lb to 100 lbs
  • Medium- to high-volume
  • Standard Casting Tolerances to CT10, but able to hold to CT8, except across the parting line
  • Two automatic molding lines capable of producing 50 molds per hour - flask size up to 26”x26”
  • Specialty no-bake molds - up to 36"x36"
  • 6-week lead time

Please visit Steel Founders of America (SFSA) for dimensions.