Foundry Engineering

foundry engineering, foundry pattern making

Foundry Pattern Making, Modeling and Analysis Software Makes Precision Casting More Precise

J&L Precision Castings engineers use the latest modeling and analysis software when working with your part. Our foundry pattern making, modeling and analysis software enable us to improve the castability of the part without incurring the additional cost of actual part trials.

Modeling Software

  • AutoCAD 2012 for 2D Drawings
  • Unigraphics V18 CAD/CAM
  • NX 8 for 3D Modeling & CAD/CAM
  • Solidworks

Analysis Software

  • ProCAST Solidification
  • Solidworks
  • CF Design
  • Fluent Fluid Flow

Whether you're looking to improve an existing part, reduce defects, or want to know if sand casting is a viable option for your component, our engineers will be able to assist you with their foundry pattern making, modeling and analysis software.