J&L Castings Invests Over $400,000 in Safety Initiatives

Posted in News On 2018-04-19 03:05:00

J&L Castings Invests Over $400,000 in Safety Initiatives

J&L Castings is a premier sand casting manufacturer located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They supply high quality, complete-to-print alloy components for high temperature, heavy wear and corrosive environments in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Furnaces/Ovens
  • General Industrial
  • Heavy Truck
  • Materials Handling
  • Mining

Since their start in 1969, JL Precision Castings has continuously striven to improve process, safety and alloy quality to meet the requirements of an ever-changing marketplace. To carry this forward, J&L PrecisionCastings is investing over $400,000 in CY2018 to install automated lifting and positioning devices, improved safety training classes and employee personal protective equipment (PPE), along with other important improvements.

Casting process and safety upgrades include:​

  • A mandatory newly revamped safety training course for all employees
  • Improved dust collection/ventilation system in the machining department to collect oil mist, fumes, smoke and dust particles
  • Personal Protective Equipment such as Back-X exoskeletons to help operators reduce the risk of back strain
  • New lifting and positioning equipment at various pouring and machining workstations
  • Improved guards in machining area to keep employees out of harm’s way
  • Installation of blue indicator lights to all forklifts for increased visibility
  • Installation of lift/tilt tables at packing stations to reduce employee strain
  • A lift-assist systems in the packing and machining center areas that utilize electromagnets and J&L’s proprietary end effectors. These units are mounted on articulating jibs or suspended from above  
  • Interlock upgrades to multiple machines, to keep operators out of harm’s way
  • Pendant controlled hot metal crane installed for deck pouring, taking manual labor out of the equation and protecting operators from pops, splatter and splash of molten material
  • PPE upgrades such as aluminum suits in the pouring department minimizing risk of burn incidents
  • Rigorous auditing and behavior-based safety observations performed twice daily to ensure procedures are followed and unsafe behaviors are immediately ceased and corrected

J&L is committed to employee protection and to associated operational efficiency. These recent improvements in the J&L workplace have helped employees realize that daily engagement is necessary on their part, to keep operators and their coworkers safe from the common hazards that are present in the foundry environment. Contact J&L Precision Castings today for all of your sand casting design, manufacturing and machining needs.