Investing in Processes to Improve Surface Finishes

Posted in News On 2017-11-28 01:25:24

J&L Precision Casting, a Precision Castparts Company, is a premier no-bake sand casting foundry. J&L offers their expertise to supply superior quality, complete-to-print alloy components for high temperature, wear and corrosive environments.

Continuous improvement is alive and well at J&L! Over the last six months, J&L has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in its molding and sand handling processes. J&L has also worked with various suppliers to implement several process improvements that have dramatically improved the surface finish of their castings.

Due to these process improvements, J&L has seen a significantly positive change in all alloys poured. Especially evident is the surface smoothness of fine grooves and other features that have previously been susceptible to “burn-in”. Burn-in is a rough surface condition prevalent when pouring fine features at high temperatures. 

J&L casts Stainless Steels, Ni-Hards, Hi Chrome White irons, and Low Alloy steels.

The General Manager, Mike Hoffmann stated, “Due to the fine features of many of these castings, they are some of the most difficult castings we have made and due to the continuous improvement efforts of our engineering and operations team, they are some of the best castings we have ever made. These improvements will continue to lower our operational costs and allow J&L to provide investment quality castings, at a fraction of the price.”   

In 2017, J&L has also become an approved supplier to Mercer Valve Co. Inc., based in Oklahoma City, OK. Mercer Valve has been engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art safety relief valves since 1986.  See