Refiner Plates for Paper and Pulp Manufacturing

In paper and pulp manufacturing that utilize refiner plates, one of the first and most important phases of the refining process is the conversion of woodchips into a usable pulp.

refiner plates

The challenges in the paper refining process are:

  • Weak alloys utilized in cast design leading to catastrophic breakdowns
  • Short life-span of the refining plates and bars that increase maintenance down time
  • Inefficiencies in production due to inconsistent pulp quality
  • Excessive energy consumption
  • Extreme lead time of precision sand casting OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts

Finding a reliable source that can examine the unique requirements of a particular paper structure is challenging and time consuming. OEMs in the industry are often more interested in selling standard products that are only partially suited to specific application requirements.

refiner plates


As a result, J&L Precision Castings has become the industry leader in the refiner plates replacement market. Unique sand casting knowledge, metal formulation expertise, industry innovations and custom design capabilities have helped clients reduce energy consumption, extend refiner plate life, improve throughput and fiber consistency development.

The recently added family of precision casting alloys - AeroMax MX91, MX92 and MX94 are state-of-the-art designs have been profoundly influenced by J&L Precision’s aerospace industry experience. These new, proprietary casting materials offer unparalleled and extraordinary strength and durability in applications outside of the aerospace industry. 

Maximizing our expansive knowledge of metallurgy, industrial process techniques, thermal and surface treatments as well as coatings, brings ever expanding solutions to all alloy casting applications.

All of our precision sand cast parts are manufactured with the following attributes:

  • Specialty alloys for all industry applications
  • Production and engineering knowledge that leads to greater pulp development & energy efficiency
  • Decreased maintenance time due to wear and break-resistant alloys
  • Cutting edge designs that lead to increased end-product quality
  • Over 50 distinctive alloys with proven technology
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified

For almost 50 years, J&L Precision Castings has offered top of the line product quality and design, consistent product supply and great value to various industries with custom cast parts based on original or reverse engineered designs. We support many OEM equipment replacement parts with precision sand castings. Contact J&L Precision Castings today to start your process evaluation for your refiner plate application.