Replacement Grate Bars for Biomass Burner Conveyors

In the pulp and paper industry, wood is the raw material used to produce pulp, paper, paperboard and other cellulose-based products. Softwoods such as spruce and fir are preferred due to their longer cellulose fibers whose structure yields stronger products. During the mechanical and chemical portions of the process, wood pulp of inferior quality is not used in the final product, but is diverted for use in biomass burner systems.

Biomass recovery boiler systems take what is considered to be waste from the pulp-making process and turn it into a select medium for use in space / building heating, electricity generation or route it back into the pulp manufacturing process itself.

The main challenge of biomass burner systems is exposures to large amounts of corrosive and erosive exhaust gases that prematurely shorten equipment life. An annual or biannual maintenance schedule is required to keep a biomass recovery boiler system in good working order. One of the parts involved in the rebuild / maintenance of a boiler system is the grate bars.

biomass burner grate barsbiomass burner grate bars







Grate bars, like these, are common in biomass recovery boiler systems for the paper industry.

Over the last two years, J&L has been contacted by several well-known Canadian pulp mills. These mills require conveyor grate bars that can withstand the harsh environment they are exposed to in biomass burners. With reverse engineering, J&L Castings has been able to manufacture grate bars at a cost that is 40% lower than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Not only has J&L been able to duplicate the OEMs’ alloys - with feedback from the pulp mill engineers, they were able to improve the design.  The new, custom designed grate bars now offer pulp mills reliable replacement parts for their biomass burner conveyors.

When you require reverse engineering of a cast component for high corrosive, heat and wear resistant components, contact J&L Precision Castings. J&L can partner with you to design and engineer solutions that will meet and exceed your company’s needs. With over 40 years of cast foundry experience, J&L is the leader in the field of medium-to-high volume sand castings.