Wear Resistant Alloys

wear resistant alloys

Wear Resistant Alloys Are Our Specialty

According to the ASTM International (www.astm.org), wear is “damage to a solid surface (generally involving progressives loss of material), cause by the relative motion between that surface and a contacting substance or substances”. Abrasion is “the wearing away of any part of a material by rubbing against another surface”.

J&L Precision Castings’ metallurgists and engineers are skilled at determining which wear resistant alloys will perform best for castings used in the agriculture, earth moving, forestry, mining, machining, pulp, paper, and other industries, where abrasive wear can cause expensive downtime.

We listen to and work closely with our customers in order to provide the highest quality wear resistant alloy castings possible.

Common wear resistant alloys J&L pours:

  • 15-3
  • 20Cr
  • 25Cr
  • Nihard
  • Others as requested