Corrosion Resistant Castings

stainless steel sand castings

"Stainless Steel Sand Castings" is the Answer...

When it is essential for components to withstand harsh chemical or weather environments, when corrosion resistance is necessary. J&L Precision Castings has you covered. Stainless steel sand castings contain a minimum of 10.5% Chromium, making the casting corrosion-resistant. The addition of various amounts of Nickel and Manganese affects resistance to corrosion. For stronger and harder castings, more carbon is added.

Common stainless steels J&L pours:

  • 17-4PH
  • 15-5PH
  • CA6NM
  • 400 Series
  • 300 Series

Our engineers and metallurgists have years of experience at determining the most cost-effective and appropriate stainless steel sand castings' grade for components used in the Energy, Food and Dairy, Furnaces/Ovens, Mining, Oil and Gas, Pumps & Valves and other industries.