Corporate Values


J&L Precision Castings Corporate Values

Safety Commitment

We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe working environment and preventing workplace injuries. Through management leadership and employee commitment, we work to conduct our operations in a safe and healthy manner.

External Customers

Achieve a high level of Customer Satisfaction by anticipating their needs and delivering a high quality, value added products and services that help optimize their business. A sense of urgency and closeness to our customers characterize our approach.

Employee Focus

A commitment to a learning culture which provides opportunities for all employees to succeed and be recognized. Mutual trust and respect and open communications provide the basis for our relationships and allow individuals to speak the truth without fear. A culture that supports a positive, healthful, and safe work environment. Our advanced planning is designed to ensure stability of our workforce and to avoid interruption of our people's income.


The right and obligation of each of us to contribute to decision making and to participate in problem solving that directly affects our job or process. We recognize that meeting internal customer requirements is necessary in order to ultimately satisfy external customer requirements. Teammates share knowledge, provide constructive feedback, and support each other.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We each think of ourselves as managers of our own activities and accept the responsibility to understand the business and take risks to achieve customer satisfaction. Everyone should have an opportunity to share in the success of the business.


We promote long term partnerships by developing and encouraging cooperative relationships that treat customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders with fairness and respect. The conduct of our Company worldwide is pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity.

Continual Improvement

A never-ending pursuit of excellence. We take a long term view of the business requirements and will consider sacrificing short term gain in order to enhance long term results. This requires a proactive process focus, using data and a systematic approach to eliminate waste and reduce variation.

Quality Leadership

Responsive Quality Systems ensure "Best Way" are established, communicated, and maintained through flexible control without adding unnecessary bureaucracy. Our Quality Systems provide the infrastructure to help run our business and provide confidence to our customers that our products and services will satisfy their requirements for quality.